Integrated logistics management and distribution

Logimark is a company specializing in the integrated logistics sector.

What is integrated logistics? It is the management process that handles the entire flow of both information and materials, from their source to the delivery of the finished product to the consumer. It is an articulated process where all management activities are intertwined together.

Integrated logistics services include the main functions of the business process: production, supply and marketing.

The services we offer meet the various logistical needs of companies: from receiving of goods to storage, distribution and freight transport.

We manage and solve problems related to national and international shipments by air, by road or by sea, as well as import and export customs operations. Logimark’s integrated logistics systems are structured to ensure strict quality control throughout the process: material receiving and storage, partial material picking, packaging and shipping. Monitoring is ensured by the barcode management in each phase. With our logistics services we handle both B2B and B2C delivery. Through the integrated logistics management, we carry out special or dedicated deliveries, we manage the order tracking system and the continuous shipment monitoring with delivery outcomes, we handle the management of returns and we check the status of coming back goods.