Logimark is a company that operates in the logistics sector applied to the area of ​​marketing services.

Thanks to our experience, Logimark is among the leading companies in the sector. Our experience allows us to offer services to support large companies, marketing, promotion and public relations agencies in the management of promotional materials.

The logistic marketing service offered by Logimark is designed and built to maximize the efficiency of the management and development of corporate promotional activities and initiatives.

The Client is supported throughout the promotional logistics development process. You can communicate with us through our website (www.logimark.it) to take advantage of the many logistic marketing services.

In order to offer targeted services organized according to our Clients’ needs, we have created a new and more efficient software that guarantees a cutting-edge service and makes the management of physical spaces more functional, safe and effective.

Thanks to these tools, our marketing logistics services reach an outstanding level of organization and management of promotional activities tailored to each Client.
Our competence and professionalism in the field of
promotional logistics has allowed us to collaborate with prestigious and important brands in the creation of effective and structured marketing campaigns.