International distribution

Effectively managing distribution both nationally and internationally is one of the most demanding challenges that we face with pride and determination.

Why entrust us with the distribution of your promotional materials?

Logimark guarantees experience in managing national and international shipments, offering a complete distribution service with an advanced tracking system. Our commitment is to make each shipment as smooth and fast as possible, managing the entire process in collaboration with the main couriers. Thanks to our tracking platform, customers can monitor the path of their materials in real time, ensuring safety and punctuality. Distribution Management: Our team manages the entire shipping process, collaborating with the main national and international couriers. We take care of selecting the most suitable carriers, ensuring that each shipment meets the customer’s specific requirements. Dedicated Deliveries: We offer customized transport solutions, with dedicated deliveries that adapt to the specific needs of each customer. This approach allows us to find the most appropriate transport solution for each shipment, facilitating the process for the customer. Transparent Invoicing: Transport costs are invoiced directly to Logimark, ensuring transparency and ease in the financial management of shipments. Advanced Tracking on the Logimark Portal: Tracking of shipments takes place directly on our portal. Customers can monitor the status of their shipments in real time, without the need to access courier sites.

Service characteristics

Customization and Flexibility

Logimark is committed to offering shipping solutions that are perfectly suited to each customer’s needs. Our experience and our network of couriers allow us to manage shipments of all sizes and complexities, both nationally and internationally.

Efficiency and Reliability

Our priority is to ensure that each shipment is managed with maximum efficiency and reliability. We work only with trusted couriers, guaranteeing punctuality and safety at every stage of transport.

Innovative Technology

Our tracking system is designed to give customers total control over their shipments. With real-time updates and detailed information, customers can have full confidence in managing their shipments.

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